How to Write a Race Report

Having been the Tekin team manager as well as other race teams, I’ve seen my share of race reports. Some good, some well…not so good.  So here are some tips and items that I like to get in race reports which are sent to me. If you’re sponsored, I’m sure your other sponsors will appreciate this.

  1. Make sure your name is in the race report. I can’t count how many times I’ve been sent a race report only to have to waste 5 minutes looking up someone’s email address.
  2. Make sure you state the name of the event you’re writing about, the track/facility it was held at, how many total entries, how many entries in each class you’re reporting about that you competed in.
  3. List all of the companies/sponsors products that you used at said race. Yes this means naming them. For example:  Tekin RSX, Redline Gen2 7.5T, Tekin Hotwire, Hotwire Android app.  If you’re doing tires specify something like: JConcepts Dirt Webs in Gold compound with center trimmed Dirt Tech inserts on the new 60mm wheels (Hi Jason and John).  If you used a sponsors batteries and chargers then say “Protek 100c shorty back charged with my 620 Duo AC/DC Charger” for instance.
  4. Get the report turned in on time. I prefer to get them no later than 72 hours after an event, preferably sooner. As the r/c news cycle goes so fast it’s often a “race” in its own right for the manufacturers to Tq the “news” round of a large event. So do your part and don’t be “that driver” who’s sending in race reports weeks afterwards. Trust me; your team managers will remember this stuff.
  5. Send pictures, include some pictures and make sure you include some pictures. Now each and every one of you guys reading this likely has a cell phone with a camera on it. I know there will be some $%^&*( that says they don’t but we know who you are, you’re full of POOP!  If you made the podium make sure you snap a few pictures of you, your car, and your sponsor’s equipment on the car, and if there’s a trophy girl get her in the pictures. If there’s no trophy girl Jason Ruona is also very pretty and he likes to be in your pictures, so snag him.  All joking aside not having pictures after an event and “they haven’t posted them” is the lamest excuse to use. So stop, do your part, go the extra mile for your sponsors. After all wouldn’t  you want them to do the same for you?  Thought so….
  6. Remember that any report is better than no report. We all have bad days, even the top pro guys. If you were at an event, and your teammate sent in a report you’d have better do the same. Nothing more annoying as seeing another team driver in the podium shot who doesn’t send in a race report.  Trust me, we’ll remember this next time it’s a contract year.
  7. Be appreciative. You’re holding a very coveted and often rare position representing a factor r/c team. Send in the report, give honest feedback  and make sure your sponsor are getting a good return on their investment.
  8. Have Fun! I wish you all the best luck in 2015!

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How to write a Race Report

How to write a Race Report

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