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So after being asked for a place to permanently hold my “Tips of the Week” along with other helpful info I share on social media, I’ve chosen to make a page for just this purpose.  This site will be the place to find real world helpful tips, hints, how to’s, and racing info.  I will never claim to be an expert, but I’m lucky enough to rub elbows with the top pro racers that are.  I’ve likely asked the questions you’re asking yourself. Over the years I’ve taken notes, make charts, done my own testing and it’s time to help out my fellow racers.  I consider myself to be an average fast club racer skill level wise and like any of you, we all have our good days and bad days. I’ve won my share of “Good day” races against the fastest guys, and lost to them as well!


I hope these tips and how to’s help you in some way, to lower your lap times and enjoy your r/c racing a bit more.

If you find them helpful, be sure to “Like” and “Share” them on your favorite social media pages.  If you post them somewhere else, all I ask is that you support me by letting my sponsors know you found the tip or how to helpful, especially when I feature their products.

Good Racing,

Randy Pike

Tekin Team Manager

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