Part #1 Yokomo BMax MR V3 build

Starting the build off of my Yokomo B-Max2 MR V3 kit.  Since there are some products under development at Tekin as well as the stock buggy class being the largest in my area I planned on building up this car for stock racing to begin with. Here are a few things I found during the build parts wise to look out for which can shave some serious weight.

Right out of the gate the car is getting a full titanium screw kit from Protek RC.  The kit includes all the screws needed to replace the kit screws. They look great and are much lighter than stock. Make sure you use a good quality driver set like the ones I use from MIP.

Next on the list was the optional aluminum top shaft kit and plastic transmission gears to replace the stock steel top shaft and aluminum idlers that come with the kit. Part # YOKB2-503I for the idler gears and YOKB2-303TA for the aluminum top shaft. These parts alone shave 10.4 grams!

20150401_124602 20150401_124622

Next up was the light weight skeletonized motor plate part #YOKB2-304LW which drops another 4.7 grams from the kit part.  Now don’t get me wrong all of the kit parts are top shelf, but the steel top shaft and aluminum idler gears add a lot of rotating mass, a stock driver’s enemy.  Weight savings here can add up to tenths on the track.

20150401_124957 20150401_125004

That’s all for build check in #1. Stay tuned for more!

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