January “Learn the product” Tip of the Month

Yeah it’s been awhile. Yeah I’ve been a bit too busy for my own good. Is that an excuse? Yeah and it’s a horrible one.  Moving on 2017 is looking to be much better for me and I’m looking forward to helping everyone go a bit faster on the track. I hope these tips are of some use to most of you, and more use to new drivers which this hobby/sport so desperately needs.  So let’s kick off 2017 with a Tip of the Month!

This month’s tip is to all the sponsored drivers as well as those of you what are looking to gain sponsorship support.  Learn the product!  As a sponsored driver you’re expected to know what the heck you’re doing.  For example Tekin ESC’s have a host of trouble codes we can display on the ESC’s LED tree to help diagnose simple issues.  If you’re a Tekin sponsored driver you’re going to be expected to know these codes, what can cause them, and of course how to fix them.  This is as simple as having this link ready to access on your favorite mobile device for later reference if you haven’t quite memorized them: http://www.teamtekin.com/eschelp.html

I’m privileged enough to be sponsored and supported by JConcepts.  When I transitioned from another company, I had to learn the product line. If a customer or fellow racer comes to me and asks “hey what tires are you running?” or ” What tires would work here at XYZ track?”  I’m expected to have that knowledge.  I learned the tire compound chart, and as many of the tire treads as I could. And you can bet your bottom dollar I had a link saved on my phone in case I forgot one of them.

Take the initiative to learn the products. Not only learn them while you’re a sponsored factory driver, but if you’re approaching potential sponsors in my opinion you should already have experience with the products. Why else would you be looking to get factory support? You should know the products and know that they indeed work for you and your racing program, right!?

As a sponsored driver, you’re held to a higher standards on all counts: Ethics, Knowledge, Attitude, and Experience.  Others will look to you for all these things, and as a team driver you need to provide them to in the end help increase customer satisfaction, customer success, and ultimately customer sales.  Support your local hobby shop and racetrack by assuring they have the latest and greatest products. Give them a part# that you feel they should have on the shelf or assure that they’re using the right products for the track. After all you’re a team driver and should know better, right!?

Everyone wants to be the man, but few are able to step up and do the work required.  To be the man, you’ve got to do the work.  Unless you’re Ronda Drake then you simply need to be her, and well that works as well 😉  (Hi Ronda, RP)

Good racing, and see you at the track soon!


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