Inaugural Manufacturers World Cup Race Report

This past weekend I attended the inaugural Manufacturers World Cup hosted at Silver Dollar Raceway in Chico, Ca.  For those that do not know, Silver Dollar Raceway is the home track of Amain Hobbies and one of the nicest facilities I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.  This is the closest thing I have to a 1/8 “home” track. The track layout was per usual, EPIC!  Kevin Jelich is one of my favorite track designers around and he did not disappoint with this layout.  While it looked rather simple, the timing of the jumps and corners kept you honest while providing places to pass which allows for tight clean racing which is why we’re here in the first place right!?

I haven’t driven 1/8 in about 2 years time so I was not expecting too much personally.  I was running my new Tekin powered Mugen Seiki Mbx7R Eco buggy using the Tekin Rx8 Gen3 ESC and T8 Gen2 1900kv motor geared 46/16.  Powered by ProTek 6100mah 100c Graphene LiHv shorty’s with a Factory RC shorty brace insert.  I was also running a new prototype servo that some of you may have saw news of on LiveRC. I was running JConcepts Triple D’s in green compound filled with Dirt Tech inserts on JC Bullet wheels.  I was stoked to get my SikLidz painted JConcepts Silencer body in time for the race as well(Thanks Scott!). If you follow me at all you also know my cars don’t hit the track without a treatment of Avid bearings and accessories such as wheel nuts and wing buttons.

I was running the Open class for a few reasons. One I didn’t want to be in the way of the pro drivers, two I was asked to help call the traffic in the Pro classes so doing both may have been a bit hard  for me to do! LOL   With three rounds of qualifying in the Open class I’d manage to make my way through the racing bumps. First round I’d lose a pinion screw on the sighting lap only to learn I can jump down the stairs at Silver Dollar in a few strides, run to my pit to grab a wrench, fix the pinion, run back up stairs and start the race a lap down. I also learned I set the fastest lap of the round so I knew the car was doing OK.  Round 2 I had no mechanical issues and would take 2nd for the round. Round 3 we has the sun setting in our heat which caused me some sight issues with the shadows along with standing on an new position on the stand, I didn’t do great this round but would still take a 3rd if memory serves me. Qual points and tie breakers would grid me 7th for the 9 minute A-main. Considering I knew everyone around me it was about where I should have been give or take a few spaces. Considering I missed a lap on the Q1 I was content with it.  Things like this are what separates the men from the boys so to speak. Go into a race with real expectations, set real goals, and enjoy your racing. It may not be your weekend, but at least enjoy the time you have at the track with you friends and competitors.

I need to pause here for a minute and give mad kudos to Justin Wilde and Kevin Jelich along with the rest of the Amain track crew for keeping this race on pace, the track surface in top shape, and the buzz in the pits 100% positive and fun. I’ve been doing this for a bit of time and can tell you I’ve never once attended a race here and not had a good time. If you can manage it, make sure you attend at least once race here and consider it a “bucket list” venue.

After watching some epic Pro E-Buggy class battles my main was up. I started 7th on the grid and would manage to miss some of the carnage in the first few turns and come out around 4th or so going over the first big scrub jump right in front of the drivers stand. A few of us would try go break away over the next few laps. The track was a bit damp and my car was struggling for a little grip in the corners I hadn’t struggled with in any of the qual’s prior. I’m sure my nerves were part of it but I struggled with a bit of drive off the corner causing me to miss time the jumps for a few laps. I made a few bobbles and would fall back a few positions. I’d fight right back up to 3rd place and bobble again. I’d repeat this pattern four times! (Damn it right!?)  The race announcer was even commenting on my progress and point out my bobbles(Thanks Justin) LOL.  There’s no announcers curse of course in r/c racing but it’s fun to share the blame right!?  Either way I had a good race even though I was pushing a bit too hard at times. I’d manage a 6th overall which I was disappointed with but looking at the brighter side, I had fun and got to race some of my friends having a good time.

Overall the Manufacturers World Cup was a great event.  The format makes for great racing and exciting no holds barred action.  You get to see the Pro guys race every single round and they hold nothing back.  I know I’m looking forward to next year where I’m sure this event will likely double in size. Make sure you add this to your race calendar and make time to attend. The hotels are affordable and food is literally across the street.

I’d like to thank all my sponsors without whom I’d not be able to do this:  Tekin, ProTek, Amain, JConcepts, Mugen Seiki, Avid RC, MIP, Factory RC, SikLidz, and Imagine it Graphics.

Special thanks to Jason Ruona for the tire help, Adam Drake and Ryan Maifield for the car setup help also.

By the time some of you read this I’ll be on a jet plane headed to the AMS race in Alabama.

Good racing and thanks for reading.


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