BMax4 III Build Part 2

Here we are again, back on the Bmax4 III build. I left you with diffs and the start of the suspension parts. Let’s keep going…

Shocks shocks shocks! Yokomo has and still does make some of the nicest shocks to ever be bolted to a r/c car.  The fit and quality of the aluminum parts as well as the molded plastic parts means very little if any fitment is required. Take your time here and it will pay off in dividends and lower lap times.  I’ve already showed you the O-slip o-ring lube I use on my shocks and how I put them together on the Bmax2 build.  One thing I didn’t show in that write up was measuring the shocks. You must measure your shocks overall length once you build them. They need to match left to right to eliminate any “tweak” you’d build into the car if there was a length variance.  What does that mean? Well if you have a left front shock that’s longer than the right front the car will have more down travel on that corner. What can this do? It can make the car turn differently left to right, it can cause the car to jump sideways ever so slightly, and it can cause the car to land funny. The list can get very long in potential issues to be honest, so take 60 seconds and assure the shocks are the same length. Josh Alton from Alton Designs sent me these really nice turnbuckle wrenches which I use quite often as a regular wrench, for example snugging up the shock bushings here. I chose to ditch the stock nuts and use some of the new Avid RC blue aluminum lock nuts to complete the “Factory” look.









I’m a huge fan of ditching the stock wing body clip/nub mounts and going to wing buttons/screws on all my cars. It’s easy enough to do. Simply use some sharp side cutters and nip off the nub, making sure it’s flush when done. Use the wing to line up holes and mark them to be drilled. I use a 2.5mm drill bit to drill out the holes, and tap them with a 3mm tap. Some Avid RC wing buttons in “yok” blue and we’re all done.









Wrapping up the build is mounting up my Tekin electronics. I chose the Tekin RSX esc and Redline 6.5T motor. I also dropped in my trusty Ko Propo RSX2 servo using a KoPropo black aluminum servo horn and KoPropo aluminum servo bushings to keep it all centered and secured.









Last but not least will be mounting up the bodies and taking the buggies out for the maiden voyage to tune them to my driving style. I’ll be posting setups once I’m happy with their performance which I’m sure won’t take too long.

As always, Good Racing!

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