True Spec Stock Buggy Rules

Proposed “Box Stock 2wd Buggy Spec” Rules 

The “Box Stock 2wd Buggy Spec” class is intended to bring in new racers to the sport with a cost controlled format to assure that initial investment is comparable to starting other hobbies or sports. There are no “regulated” brands or specific part #’s in any of the rules. Each area of the rules will have a brief statement explaining the thought behind the rules. The mindset moving forward is to control what we can, eliminate what we cannot. 

This class is designed to promote new racers joining our hobby/sport. It is not intended to eliminate, alienate or in any way push out a manufacturer(s) in any way. The class rules and MAP pricing guidelines are based off products which are currently available by the majority of the manufacturers; this does not mean that ALL manufacturers currently meet this criteria. Any and All manufacturers have the choice to build or design current products, or future products for this class. 

There are no sponsorships allowed of any kind, at any percentage, at any time, no exceptions. Accepting sponsorships negates you from running the class.  Any manufacturer submitting products for this class will validate any sponsored driver found running the class. Failing to validate the driver in question will immediately eliminate the manufacturer from participating in the class for a period of two years effective immediately. 


“Box Stock” car kits must be MAP priced at or below $299. This kit will be built using the parts inside; this is how you’re allowed to race it. 

There are no aftermarket parts allowed to be put in or onto the car at any time. You must run the car “box stock” as it was sold. The only caveat there is that if you have/had an older version of the car, you would be allowed to “update” the car with the new “spec” parts. An example: the B5M original chassis could be updated up to the “worlds” version of the car using ONLY factory parts. A second example would be owing the original Yz2, and being allowed to update up to a Yz2 DTM2.  These are obviously cost prohibited but updating the chassis in this manner would still be allowed IF that new chassis/kit fell under the MAP cost rules. 

You can change the body and wing, but no “lightweight” bodies are allowed unless they came with the kit. “Light weight” is anything thinner than the stock body was spec’d to, most are .030”. If the kit ships with a lightweight “stock spec” body, then any aftermarket body if the same thickness or thicker would be allowed. You can upgrade bearings simply because there is no reasonable option to tech them. Ceramics can be meatal shielded and have metal cages, hence we cannot control it, so we will eliminate them as a tech item. 


Any ROAR approved “Spec” 21.5T motor will be allowed. The motor must MAP at or below $99.99. The motor must be equipped with a non-adjustable timing board set to approximately 30 degrees static timing*.  The timing is non-adjustable and must be mechanically locked to the rear endbell. Any sign of tampering to the mechanical locking feature is instant failure in tech. If the motor has multiple sensor boards available for it, the “Box Stock Buggy” board must be clearly marked with a part #.  Bearings cannot be regulated so changing them is allowed.  The rotor will be clearly marked and etched per the current ROAR rules. There will be NO tuning rotors allowed; the rotor it ships with is the one you will race with. 

*30 degrees static will be irrelevant moving forward. Read the ESC rules to learn more. 


Any ROAR approved “Spec” ESC with a MAP price at or below $149.99. This ESC must be equipped with a NEW “Ultimate Spec” mode. This mode consists of sensored drive up to 5,000 rpms then the esc is required to switch to sensorless drive mode. This will be tested by ROAR in a similar fashion as done now. This type of drive will negate ANY of the current stock motor issues faced today: 

  1. Sensor deviation 
  1. Over timing/gearing the motor 
  1. Rotor symmetry variance 
  1. Cherry picking of motors, etc. 

The ESC must be shipped with this software from the factory. No software updates are allowed. The manufacturers can only submit a new unit, with new part # and updated software.  

Any sensor harness is allowed. No aftermarket capacitors are allowed, you must use what the ESC comes with. Any gauge wire is allowed from any company.  

A ceiling for FDR will be set by the track and or event coordinator. Gearing lower will be allowed, but gearing taller will not. A single 25mm motor cooling fan is allowed, however its use is NOT meant to allow the FDR to be tall enough to cause motor damage. It’s only allowed to provide longevity of the motor. 


Any ROAR approved 2s battery is allowed which meets a MAP price at or below $79.99 with a capacity rating of 5000mah or less.  Again tech’ing the mah is unreasonable, 21.5s will never approach half the capacity discharged for a 5-6 minute race. The price point is more important than the mah or any advantage if would provide. 


You must use a charger that charges no higher than 80 watts with a MAP price at or below $89.99.  This would provide no more than approximately 8 amps of charge rate. The charger must be ac/dc.  No external power supplies are allowed.  

No dischargers are allowed to be plugged into the charger. No external battery direct dischargers are allowed of any kind. Only charger discharging is allowed. 


Any tires are allowed but tracks/events are strongly advised to specify the tires. Are suggestion is as follows: 

Spec JConcpets for one quarter, spec Proline for another quarter, spec AKA for another quarter, spec Raw Speed for another quarter. The choice is up to the track or even coordinator.  

The typical ROAR physical specs are applicable for the 2wd buggy class; dimensions, weight, etc. 

The price point to enter this class is approximately $720 or less.  This may or may not include wheels, tires, tools, paints, etc. necessary to complete the kit. 

If a kit carries a MAP price over $299.99 but includes more of the items that meet these rules, it would be allowed as long as the “total” does not exceed each individual items respective MAP price. 

Example: Team Associated RC10 B6 “Club Racer” at $369.99 which includes the kit at $299.99, the ESC at $149.99, and motor at $99.99 for a total of $550’ish. It would be allowed. 

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